Can I Apply For a Credit Card Through My Bank?

Folks looking for credit options may think about applying for a credit card so they can have access to emergency money when they need it, that they can then pay off later. If you can get approved for a credit card and use it responsibly, it can actually do quite a bit to help you build and maintain a good credit history and a high credit score.

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While you may feel inundated by the amount of credit card options and offers out there, one of the first places you should think about checking is your bank. A great many banks, such as Columbia Bank East Brunswick, offer credit card options to account holders who qualify. There are often even different types of credit cards you can apply for that would best suit your needs.

Applying For a Credit Card With the Bank

If you have a good and longstanding relationship with your bank, you might find it simple to be approved for a credit card, especially if you have a great credit history and a high credit score that shows you are financially responsible.

You could also consider what type of credit card you would like to apply for. There are two different options that will suit different kinds of customers:

  • Unsecured credit card: This is a type of credit card that is not backed by any deposit, and will be dependent on your credit score to decide whether or not you’ll be approved for it. When applying for unsecured cards, your credit might decide the credit limit on the card.
  • Secured credit card: A better option for those with lower credit, a secured credit card is one backed by a deposit you put down, and that deposit usually becomes the spending limit on the card. Upon successfully paying off the deposit, the credit limit might be extended.

Which of these options is right for you is mostly going to depend on your credit score. No matter which of these options you go for, using your credit card responsibly and paying it off on time can be a great way for you to work on building up a good credit score for yourself.