Tips For Creating Beautiful And Stunning Images

The Internet is a giant playground where we are able to go and express our creativity.  One of the greatest advancements that we have in regard to visuals is the ability to have fully rendered and optimized images that can take your visitors breath away.  The way that we can get these images created is to use someone like graphic design johnson city

Image size

The first thing that you need to determine is the size of your image.  When we work with graphics it is important that we know what we are creating and where it is going to go.  For instance, if we are going to create a Facebook header graphic, an Instagram image or even a book cover for your kindle books, we need to know what the size of the image will be.

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Image Resolution

The next component is going to be the image resolution.  For those looking to create graphics this is going to be very important as well.  If we have a resolution that is too low, then the image will begin to look grainy.  On the other hand, if we have a resolution that is too big, the file size will be too large and it will take time to load on your webpages.

Color choices

You want your images to look professional and easy on the eyes.  You want to stick to a standard color pallet that will help draw in your visitor and not force them to leave your pages.  You will want to look at a color wheel and pick a main color and then its corresponding color.  When you do this then you will get a positive reaction from your visitors.

Keep it simple

When creating graphics and artwork you want to keep it simple.  You don’t want to overwhelm your visitors with fancy fonts, harsh colors and garbled messages.  Using graphics in your promotion will help increase conversions and help spread your message to others.