Traci Hunter Abramson
What's Coming Next
Kept Secrets
Anticipated release date: October 2016

Devin Shanahan is about to having everything he ever wanted: his MBA from Stanford, an exciting career with the CIA. What he didn't count on was a chance encounter with Grace Harrington, the woman he has loved since high school. Balancing his personal life and career is hard enough. Never did he anticipate choosing between the two could turn deadly.

Spin-off from Chances Are
Anticipated release date: April 2017

Ryan Strobel is done with women. At least he thought he was until he meets Kari Evans, the younger sister of his teammate, Ben. When Kari decides to spend the summer with her brother, Ryan finds himself intrigued and discovering feelings he hadn't experienced before. Overcoming the struggles of his crazy schedule as a profession baseball player can be difficult enough, but when his ex-f
iancÚ and Kari's ex-boyfriend show up, life becomes a lot more complicated than he ever imagined possible.