Is Your Business Safe From Covid?

COVID-19 has changed the world forever. Many businesses had to close down due to federal order to stop the spread. States that didn’t follow mandates and medical experts paid a high price with a massive life loss. Hard lessons led to better legislation and lower death rates for areas that followed CDC guidelines.

As more restrictions get lifted and states begin to reopen, a proper plan is vital. Returning to a new normal is happening at a steady pace across the United States. Employees and clients’ safety is paramount since nobody wants to be responsible for a super spreading event.

A well laid out covid return to work plan could be the solution. There still needs to be Coronavirus precautions, including wearing masks, gloves, and social distancing. Until there’s a viable vaccine, no one should assume we are out of the woods. The death toll is still climbing, and that’s not good.

covid return to work plan

Social distancing is more than staying six feet apart. There’s also relying more upon online meetings if you don’t need face-to-face, monitoring of entrances and exits, and restricting the number of people gathered in any given space. The addition of visual cues encouraging people to follow the guidelines that prevent any spread will help.

Symptom monitoring and gradual phasing in of staff need to be the norm. If any are displaying Covid or flu like signs, there has to be a voluntary removal to get tested. Don’t stigmatize or embarrass the chosen individual. Regular handwashing, available PPE, and proper sneeze etiquette should be in effect immediately.

Hiring a vendor program with the services to get your business up and running is vital. Doing it alone might lead to gaps that cause Coronavirus to spread through your facility. Why take the risk when there are professionals ready to help? From Covid-19 testing to proper social distancing, they have you covered.